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Centralized Analytics Environment (CAE)

Quickly build customer analytics at scale

With all the buzz about analytics, many companies are still struggling to realize the full value from data-driven decisions. The most common examples of analytics trends that prevent wide-scale adoption include:

  • Siloed. Many businesses are deploying teams and tools for Big Data analytics that are disconnected from the rest of their enterprise
  • Slow. Data scientists are in high demand, taking several months to hire and on-board. Teams with insufficient skills or experience can take 200-300% longer to build less optimal predictive models or machine learning solutions, plus require more time to direct and manage.
  • Inconsistent. Inadequate collaboration, processes and oversight can result in different interpretations and results among analysts who use different analytical tools or techniques

CAE is designed to accelerate the enterprise journey towards institutionalizing analytics to generate and deliver analytics with speed and accuracy at scale. CAE codifies a standard approach to develop analytics, freeing up data scientists to focus more time innovating and less time managing day to day analytics.

The CAE provides an analytics development infrastructure and the full suite of Fractal Analytics’ proprietary platforms, algorithms and solutions. For the first time, analysts at all levels can access 15 years of cross- industry analytics consulting and data science experience, to create, collaborate and operationalize analytics within a single analytics delivery platform in a secure cloud.

Uses and Benefits

The CAE enables the rapid development and customization of sophisticated analytics at scale in a transparent and collaborative environment.

The CAE comprises everything you need to develop analytics using ready to use and fully customizable components.

Infrastructure Module - a (patent pending) customized tool to dynamically commission big data infrastructure quickly and conveniently based on requirements of the project

Analytics Module – an analytics workflow engine, comprising of data harmonization, modelling algorithms and a collaboration platform

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