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Error-free analytics, 35% faster!

Cascade is Fractal’s analytics development workbench. It is a workflow-oriented, extensible data analysis platform. In Cascade, we have codified hundreds of proprietary methods, techniques and algorithms that we have built over the last 14 years and made these available to every analyst at Fractal. Along with web-based reporting and management module, "Cascade-Web" and a scoring engine "Cascade-Scorer", Cascade offers all the necessary tools for end-to-end analytics solution development.

What does Cascade solve?

Cascade enables analytics to be developed 35% faster and virtually in an error-free manner. It has incorporated the best practices and established processes required for analytics solutions, eliminating multiple "do-overs" or iterative "trial-and-error" methodologies. This means that our analysts and project teams have more me for delivering insights and easing analytics consumption for the business. Features, such as model comparisons and I-repository on "Cascade-Web" allow tracking of every modeling step and archiving of model results. "Cascade-Scorer" supports reading raw data from different sources and at different schedules that can be configured to automate the scoring process.

As the size of the problems that we solve scale up, CASCADE enables the quality and relevance of our solutions to be maintained without additional effort.


Cascade is an extremely simple platform and analysts can start solution development without having to learn newer tools or techniques. Improved execution efficiency and error-free analytics approach leads to around 35% faster development and consistent quality of results.