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Fractal Analytics app store

Boson is our multi-platform analytics app-store. It is a platform on which Fractalites can upload new applications across data enhancement, analysis and insights consumption platform. As on January 2014, it has 70+ apps and is growing rapidly. All Fractalites can download any of these 70+ apps and use them to deliver analytics for our clients, in a speedy and reliable manner.

Apps range across platforms from Excel/VBA to SAS to Python. Each app includes a brief description of what it does, screenshots of what the app looks like along with the files that are provided as part of the app.

Our vision is to create the biggest Appstore of the industry to:

  • Drive higher efficiency
  • Enable scale
  • Make each piece of IP available to every analyst
  • Smart management of 15 years of knowledge

The apps are qualified under three broad categories:

  1. Data Enhancement: This is where we have apps that perform data quality checks, data integration and transformation steps. 
  2. Quantitative analysis: Here we have apps on various algorithms on statistical analysis to derive meaningful insights from the data
  3. Insights consumption: This section specializes in visual story telling templates to enable easy consumption of analysis.