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Pricing Analytics

Today’s business leaders know the importance of setting the right price to attract and retain the best customers.

Pricing solutions provide models that measure internal and external influences on risk and revenue, price elasticity, and provide optimized results with the ability to review and adjust what-if scenarios.


We believe innovation is the heart of the analytics revolution that is creating competitive advantage for our clients.

We are well versed in advanced analytics and the latest big data processing approaches to deliver the information you need to drive business results with customized processes that leverage any data and fit seamlessly into your environment. These are the latest productized solutions developed from our Fractal Sciences advanced analytics lab.

Solution CategoryData TransformationInsights and Predictive AnalyticsVisualization
Analytics Adoption StageFirstMiddleLast
How it helpsEnsures accurate and relevant results mapped to business user needsGenerates actionable information to drive smarter decisionsEmpowers business users diagnose and solve problems fast
Featured ProductsConcordia™Customer Genomics™Business 360 Steering Wheel
  1. First, you need to transform your Big Data into meaningful information elements that feed into pricing analytics and measurement programs.
  2. Next you need to measure how consumers respond to promotions and what will happen if you change pricing, and model scenarios in response to your market and competitive landscape.
  3. And last, information needs to be delivered to business users in a visual way so they can quickly and easily absorb, diagnose, and solve problems to meet their objectives.