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The end of linearity

  • Topic:
  • Date:
    April 25, 2017
  • Speakers:
    Srikanth Velamakanni-Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice-Chairman
  • Session Summary:
    From being a buzzword , AI is now visible in our daily lives - artificial assistants to self-driving cars, we all use AI in some form of the other. AI can do many human jobs better and faster - can it replace all human jobs? If AI can think like a human, what role will humans play in the AI-driven world? Will humans be obsolete - How do we prepare for the “AI revolution”?
    Srikanth will provide a perspective on these and more in this session – “The end of linearity”


  • Srikanth Velamakanni

    Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice-Chairman

    Over the last 16 years, I have been a thought partner to global corporations (in the consumer packaged goods, retail, financial services and technology industries) as they have embraced analytics and made it their competitive differentiator. Making data driven decisions a way of life (institutionalizing analytics) in major corporations is a mission to which I am committed. I also believe in building a great place to work that attracts the best minds in the world and creating a trusting environment where people are respected and free to do creative problem solving.