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Summit 2011

  • Topic:
    Supercharge the ROI from BI Platforms with Predictive Analytics
  • Date:
    June 12-16, 2011
  • Event host:
  • Venue:
    Dallas, United States
  • Speakers:
    Deepak Ramanathan-VP, Global Consulting - FSI
  • Session Summary:

    Most leading companies agree that analytics is fast becoming a critical source of competitive advantage. On the journey of data and analytics, most organizations have traveled along the path of data warehouses and BI solutions. To create a new wave of competitive advantages, organizations need to a data infrastructure that generates and deploys predictive analytics across their BI applications. In this session, you will learn about the application of predictive analytics across different business functions, and how predictive analytics is institutionalized by leveraging the existing BI platforms.


  • Deepak Ramanathan

    VP, Global Consulting - FSI

    11+ years experience in consulting & analytics to define, design and implement analytics road maps enabling fact based decision making. Deepak has worked in areas such as: pricing, customer lifetime value, fraud and crime prediction.