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BigData Innovation - Driving Business Success

  • Topic:
    Innovations using Big Data – Use Case (Retail)
  • Date:
    August 22, 2013
  • Event host:
  • Venue:
    Ramada Plaza, Mumbai, India
  • Speakers:
    Amit Pandey-Associate Director, Fractal Sciences
  • Session Summary:

    Learn how we can deeply understand each and every aspect of what drives customer behavior. The convergence of Big Data, analytics and technology is allowing retailers to win customer's heart and minds and build lasting loyalty. In this session we will review a case study of how one retailer applied in-depth customer and product genomes to align the right products and offers to each customer.


  • Amit Pandey

    Associate Director, Fractal Sciences

    Amit Pandey has 13+ years of experience in the IT Industry and over 7 years of experience in field of Analytics. He is the part of selected talented group at dedicated Data Science Division - Fractal Sciences at Fractal Analytics. His extensive knowledge of Big Data Analytics using Hadoop & MapReduce, Splunk, NoSQL tools help translate Big Data into meaningful and influential insights. Amit Pandey holds a Graduate degree in Statistics from Mumbai University, GNX (Software) from NIIT and has an Advance Certificate Program for Business Analytics from IIT, Mumbai. He has delivered projects successfully in 10 different languages including SAS, R, Python etc.