Powering every human decision in the enterprise

Fractal hosted our 4th annual Client Advisory Board event on September 28-29 in Chicago at the Swissotel Chicago. This private, invitation-only event comprised senior executive analytics thought leaders among Fractal’s strategic clients, representing some of the world’s most valued brands representing, in aggregate, over $600 billion of annual revenue.

The CAB was designed as a cross-industry and cross-functional learning forum to share insights and learning between Client Advisory Board Members and Fractal to facilitate enhanced data-driven decisions and enterprise-wide adoption of analytics. The event also served to help Fractal become an even better strategic partner toward achieving our mission to power every human decision in the enterprise among the Fortune 500 clients we serve.

The event content was comprised of a keynotes, a panel and workshops with the following themes:

  • Shared key trends in analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) and how these approaches are transforming our world
  • Revealed new applications of Deep Learning (form of AI) among Member industries to shift from gut decisions to algorithms that drive faster, more accurate, and more effective decisions
  • Share their views on the key drivers of analytics success within Member enterprises including: how to organize and which people are needed, the importance of data acquisition, influencing the C-Suite to drive the analytics mandate, and influencing business users to adopt analytics, by considering:
  • Members shared case studies on successful analytics implementations and lessons learned
  • Discussed the key considerations in building an analytics roadmap and adoption plan

Featured keynotes & sessions

Dr. Li Deng

Chief Scientist of AI, Microsoft

How AI is Changing the Future

watch video

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are quickly emerging as the next 'must have' capabilities required to build and drive adoption of data-driven decisions. Dr. Li Deng, prominent Data Scientist and deep learning scholar, discussed the latest trends in AI and how they are changing the world as we know it.

Professor Cass Sunstein

Renowned author, behavioral economist and Professor of Law, Harvard University

Nudging and Beyond: From Behavioral Economics to Public Policy

In recent years, social scientists have been incorporating surprising empirical findings about human behavior into economic models. These findings offer important insights for thinking about what both the private and public sectors can do in order to be more effective. They also offer valuable suggestions about the appropriate design of effective, low-cost, choice-preserving approaches, including disclosure requirements, default rules, and simplification. A general lesson is that small, inexpensive initiatives can have large and highly beneficial effects. In the United States, many recent practices and reforms reflect an appreciation of this lesson.

(Machine) Learning to Make Great Decisions
Srikanth Velamakanni ( View Profile )

Group Chief Executive and Vice Chairman watch video

AI landscape: techniques, benefits and impacts
Dr. Prashant Warier ( View Profile )

Chief Data Scientist, Fractal Analytics

Workshop: Applications of AI and Deep Learning
Dr. Li Deng ( View Profile )

Chief Scientist of AI, Microsoft

Dr. Prashant Warier ( View Profile )

Chief Data Scientist, Fractal Analytics

Panel: Path to Institutionalizing Analytics Success
Sankar Narayanan – moderator ( View Profile )

Managing Director, FSI-TMT Practice, Fractal Analytics

Reed Cundiff ( View Profile )

General Manager, Customer and Market Research, Microsoft

Steve Martin ( View Profile )

VP Analytics, Aimia

Vijay Murugappan ( View Profile )

Vice President, Enterprise Analytics and Process Improvement, HCSC

Suresh Pillai ( View Profile )

Director Media & Marketing Analytics, ProSiebenSat.1

Workshop: Building the Analytics Roadmap and Adoption Plan
Sandeep Dutta – session leader ( View Profile )

Managing Director, Healthcare and Lifesciences Practice, Fractal Analytics

David Dittmann ( View Profile )

Director Business Intelligence and Analytics Services, Procter & Gamble

Case study: Operationalizing analytics

Kamran Ashraf ( View Profile )

Vice President - Head of Analytics & Insight, Client Engagement, Visa

Case study: Lessons learned in C-level engagement


As advisors, we will ask Members to share their input on our latest products and delivery accelerator solutions.


  • Cuddle is your personal analyst, delivering relevant business insight in the form of byte-sized cards on your smartphone. Cuddle integrates multiple data sources, utilizing AI and machine learning to translate big data into essential knowledge and reinvent the way analytics are consumed throughout the enterprise.
  • Personalized insights and targeting solution that includes customer level data integration, personalized ‘genome’ markers, and targeting consumption capabilities
  • Automated systematic experimentation platform to test, measure and adapt all aspects of products and offers.
  • Qure enables healthcare practitioners to focus on cases that truly matter, letting machines diagnose or treat the easier ones. Qure applies deep learning to diagnose disease from radiology and pathology imaging, and create personalized cancer treatment plans from psychopathology imaging and genome sequences.

Delivery Accelerators

    CAE helps build and deliver business analytics at scale, thereby providing collaborative environment for the entire community of data scientists and business users. Data scientists can build execute and enhance analytics solutions on this platform. These solutions with the right level of security access are available to other data scientists in the team, and also allow business users to consume analytics output on the same platform.

    Fractal Client Portal

    Clients will now be able to review project status and progress, share comments and/or highlight risks, and raise and track project issues. This portal will improve client experience on project execution.


    Member’s photos were converted to famous artist style’s such as Picasso and Van Gogh using deep learning algorithms

    Business 360 Virtual Reality

    Members were immersed in an interactive concept to drill down into visual business performance, as well as visual representation of Member profiles


In addition to Fractal’s leadership team, the event will be attended by a confidential contingent of analytics thought leaders among Fractal’s Fortune 500 clients from the following industries, countries and functional roles.

Countries represented

US | Canada | UK | France | Germany | Netherlands | India

Industries represented

Financial Services | Insurance| Healthcare | Consumer Goods | Retail and eTail | Technology | Media

Functional roles

  • Data and Information technology
  • Marketing, advertising measurement, market research and customer insights
  • Analytics – centralized internal services plus within functional groups and P&L business units
  • Global business intelligence
  • Analytics and loyalty service providers

Fractal’s CAB is a closed-door event by special invitation. If you are a Fractal client, please contact our Head of Client Experience, Careen Foster at careen.foster@fractalanalytics.com to be considered for Membership to our 2017 Client Advisory Board event.